Reducing Plastic Pollution 2021

Reducing Plastic Pollution is our call for international projects. This grant provides funding for large-scale projects to reduce plastic pollution in countries that have major problems with plastics and limited resources in developing countries.

Due to increased use of plastic and poor plastic management in developing countries, huge amounts of plastic pollution end up in the ocean, either directly or via waterways. We are therefore seeking large-scale international projects that aim to reduce plastic pollution in countries that have major problems with plastic and limited resources. The least developed countries (LDCs as defined by the UN) will be prioritised.

The call for proposals targets in particular projects that involve:

  • Preventing plastic pollution
    Concrete, scalable and transferable solutions that can limit growth in the amount of plastic pollution that ends up in the ocean.
  • Cleaning-up and managing plastic pollution from nature
    Local organisations that organise large-scale clean-ups along polluted coastlines and in rivers, using for example river clean-up technology. Vulnerable natural areas where plastic pollution poses a major threat to the natural environment and wildlife will be prioritised.

Important dates

  • 1 September: Topics under the call for proposals will be launched and the application form will be made available
  • 14 September: Deadline at 16:00 for submitting a brief, simplified project outline application
  • 28 September: Selected applicants will be invited to write a complete application
  • 25 October: Deadline at 16:00 for submitting the complete application
  • Applicants will receive an answer to their application by 18 December 2021

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed in relation to four assessment criteria, all of which are given equal weight.

  • Solidity – Focuses on the quality of the proposed measures, activities and methods, and on how ambitious and innovative the proposed project is.
  • Environmental impact – Potential impact and benefit of the proposed project. Dissemination and sharing of results and their utilisation.
  • Implementation – The quality of the project's organisation, management and resource utilisation (including the qualifications of the project manager and project group).
  • The objectives of the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund – To what extent the project helps to realise the objective of the call for applications.

Application process

Procedure for processing of applications:

  1. The applications will first be reviewed by the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund’s administration.
  2. They will then be evaluated by an independent external advisory board.
  3. The final decision on which applications will be granted funding is made by the Fund's board of directors.
  4. Applicants will receive an answer to their application by 18th of December 2021.


Funding from the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund can be used as own funding in connection with applications submitted to other funding schemes.

The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund observes a strict declaration of impartiality and secrecy in line with internal policy documents. Please note that applications may be confidentially shared with other bodies of funding (such as Norwegian Environment Agency and Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation) during evaluating the applications where this is relevant, to ensure efficient evaluation of applications and use of funds.

See the recording from the webinar here!

Do you have questions?

Feel free to contact us at !

Please indicate clearly which topics under the call your enquiry concerns ie. “Reducing plastic pollution”.