Apply for funding outside our official call for applications

Only applications that are of particular interest to the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund’s overall purposes and thematic priorities will be relevant for assessment outside the official calls for applications.

Assessment criteria

The application will be assessed according to four assessment criteria, all of which are given equal weight:

  1. The quality of the project

    The quality of the proposed measures, activities and methods. To what extent the proposed work is ambitious and innovative, realistic and well-grounded in knowledge and experience.

  2. Environmental impact

    The potential to reduce the negative environmental effects of plastic in the short and long term. To what extent the project can deliver good solutions and results. Plans for the dissemination and sharing of results, knowledge and of the concrete solutions developed in the project.

  3. Implementation

    The quality of the project's organisation, management and resource utilisation. To what extent the project is well organised with the right expertise in the project group and of its project partners.

  4. Thematic priorities of the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund

    To what extent the project answers to the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund’s thematic priorities.


Do you need self-financing for other support schemes?

Funding from the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund can be used as own funding in connection with applications submitted to other funding schemes.

Rules for VAT and gift allocation

The grant includes any taxes, including value added tax (VAT). The grant is awarded as a gift.

Although the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund considers that the allocations awarded as gifts are not normally subject to VAT, it is the service provider (i.e. the recipient) who is responsible for complying with the VAT regulations. The recipient must assess this on an independent basis. The Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund cannot be invoiced or otherwise charged for additional costs in cases where the recipient of funds has misinterpreted the VAT regulations in their application for support.

The applicant must clarify with its own auditor whether an allocation will be subject to VAT or not.

Confidentiality and impartiality

The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund observes a strict declaration of impartiality and secrecy. Note that the information in the application may be shared confidentially with other financing actors (such as the Norwegian Centre against Marine Litter and Sparebankstiftelsen) in connection with application processing where this is relevant. This is to ensure good and effective reviews, as well as good use of funds.

What characterizes a good application?

We have some tips for you. Read them here.