NOK 25 million to reduce plastic pollution

The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund announces NOK 25 million aimed at projects to reduce plastic pollution. Everyone working on reducing plastic pollution can apply for grants from the Fund to support their work from the 27th of August.  This is the second time the Fund announces an open call for applications, and the goal is to make a significant and lasting difference to the environment.

- Our first open call for applications and awarding of grants was last year, and we’re starting to see the results. We are now announcing another NOK 25 million to reduce and prevent plastic pollution, as well as increasing resource efficiency of plastics, says Rasmus Hansson, CEO of The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund.

Thorough evaluation and formal requirements
Everyone with projects aiming to contribute to solving the environmental impact of plastic pollution can apply for a grant. We are prioritising cleanups and project that aims to prevent plastic pollution. We will also support projects such as campaigns, art, education and small-scale research projects. Later this fall the Fund will also announce separate application processes for international projects, as well as innovation and technology projects contributing to solving the environmental impacts of plastic pollution.

- Nature and its inhabitants are suffering from our plastic pollution. One part of the solution is to prevent plastic pollution, the other part is cleaning up plastics that’s already on our beaches. We will award grants to both prevention and cleanups. Our aim is to make a significant and lasting difference for the environment, says Hansson.

The project has to support one (or more) of the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund’s purposes, including reducing consumption of plastic bags; reducing marine- and land-based plastic pollution, primarily nationally, but also internationally; and increasing resource efficiency of plastics, including recycling. Small and big projects, national and international projects will be considered.

All applications will be read by the Fund’s administration, secondly they will be evaluated by an external advisory board. Nevertheless, it is the Fund’s board that awards grants. Those who wish to apply can get all the information you need, as well as the application form, on our website: https://handelensmiljofond.no/en. The application form is open from the 27th of August till the 15th of October. Grants are awarded by the end of December 2019.

NOK 0,5 from retail to the environment
The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund gets NOK 0,5 from each plastic bag bought from the Fund’s member retailers. It is earmarked environment measures that support the Fund’s purposes. Member retailers cover over 80% of the plastic bags sold in Norway.

- We are Norway’s biggest private environment fund, which is pretty unique. As far as we know there are no other countries that have created this kind of fund for the environment. Our grants, alongside cooperation with the government, puts Norway in a position to be at the forefront of solving the environmental issues due to plastics. Retailers taking responsibility and contributing to our Fund is great, says Hansson.