Commercial businesses take environmental responsibility

The Norwegian Retailers Environment Fund is open to all retailers selling plastic bags to consumers. The membership fee is NOK 0.50 per plastic bag and is collected similarly as recycling considerations through Green Dot Norway and other approved recycling companies. In most cases, the membership fee is paid, on behalf of our members, by the plastic bag producer/vendor.


The Norwegian Retailers Environment Fund is organised as a non-profit association for commercial businesses, which was founded November 2017. The Fund will be operative from the 15th of August. The purpose of the association is to contribute to ensure that the members will fulfil the obligations and intentions as laid out in the EU-directive 2015/720 concerning light plastic shopping bags, and to provide economic incentives to projects aimed at achieving the association’s defined purposes.



CEO:  Rasmus Hansson
CFOTruls Hoel
COO: Eirik Oland
CMO: Mari Nordstrøm


The board of directors

Chairman: Peter Sundt (Mepex)
Vice-Chairman: Jens Olav Flekke (Dagligvarehandelens Miljøforum)

Board members

Julie Bragli Eckhardt (Varner-Gruppen)
Ellen Camilla Skjelsbæk Gramstad (Virke)
Halvard Hauer (NorgesGruppen)
Kaia Østbye Andresen (Rema 1000)
Knut Lutnæs (COOP)
Maren Aschehoug Esmark (Naturvernforbundet)
Merethe Britt Sunde (NHO Service og Handel)

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