Handelens Miljøfond celebrates its launch with a NOK 2.5 million donation

Handelens Miljøfond, the Norwegian Retailer's Environment Fund, donates NOK 2.5 million to Hold Norge Rent, Keep Norway Beautiful. The donation intends to stimulate the clean-ups by volunteers in Norway and the coordination of all these activities by Hold Norge rent. Specifically, the donation aims at developing and operating their registration system.

The gift marks the launch of Handelens Miljøfond, which serves the purpose of reducing plastic littering. Hold Norge Rent receives the donation in connection to the fund’s scheduled launch on 15 August. The purpose of the gift is to appreciate the valuable work carried out by volunteers across the country and to strengthen the clean-up activities of Hold Norge Rent.

“This is great news for all the volunteers who clean our coast. With this gift, we will be able to develop our activities and coordinate our work more effectively,” says Lise Keilty Gulbransen, CEO of Hold Norge Rent.

“The volunteers do a tremendous job in cleaning our coast. We look forward to announcing funds to other great environment initiatives. The first announcements will occur during the fall,” says Peter Sundt, Chairman of Handelens Miljøfond.

A future without plastic problems
Handelens Miljøfond aspires to be Norway’s most important private contributor to solve problems and utilize opportunities connected to the use of plastic. It is expected that Handelens Miljøfond will receive NOK 300-400 million annually from its members. The purpose is to reduce the consumption of plastic bags, reduce plastic pollution and to increase the resource efficiency of plastic, in other words, similar purposes as put forth by a separate EU-directive on plastic bags. Handelens Miljøfond and the Ministry of Climate and Environment have established a mutual understanding of how the retail industry can contribute to fulfill the demands required by the EU.

“Handelens Miljøfond is grateful for the trust that the Ministry of Climate and Environment demonstrates by letting the retail industry establish a fund that collects money for environment initiatives. This is a cost-effective solution, where environment emerges as the big winner,” says Sundt.

The trade industry stands united
Members of Handelens Miljøfond are both large and small players within the retail industry. The members constitute around 90% of all plastic bag sales in Norway. Retail businesses and commercial chains pay an association fee to Handelens Miljøfond based on the number of plastic bags.

“We are pleased to see that so many commercial businesses are already onboard and contribute to the cause. However, our ultimate goal is to achieve support from 100% of all retail businesses. Our goal is to make the fund a substantial force against plastic pollution, both nationally and internationally,” says Sundt.

Contact information
Peter Sundt, Chairman, Handelens Miljøfond (+47 911 84 117)
Eirik Oland, CEO, Handelens Miljøfond (+47 930 52 492)