Norwegian Retailers Environment Fund's Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement describes how the Norwegian Retailers Environment Fund ("company", "us", "we", or "our") collects and uses personal information. The goal is to provide you with overall information about our processing of personal data.

1. Responsibility
The CEO is responsible for the processing of personal data by the company.

2. When does the Norwegian Retailers Environment Fund collect personal data?
We mainly deal with information that you have provided to us for the following reasons:

  • You have sent us an email.
  • You have contacted us via the contact form on our website.
  • You have subscribed to our newsletter.
  • You have answered a survey from us.
  • You have called us.
  • You have sent us a job application.

We may also receive information indirectly if:

  • Your employer applies for membership or is a member and you are designated as a contact person.
  • Information about you is stored in connection with a project application.
  • A jobseeker has provided you with a reference.

3. Your rights
Henvendelser vedrørende personvern kan du gjøre ved å sende en epost til eller kontakte daglig leder.

3.1. Audit of own information
You can request a copy of all the information we process about you. Read more about the right of access at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

3.2. Correction of personal data
You may ask us to correct or supplement information that is incorrect or misleading. Read more about the right to correct or supplement information at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

3.3. Erasure of personal data
In certain situations, you can ask us to delete information about yourself. Read more about the right to erasure at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

3.4. Limitation of processing of personal data
In some situations, you may also ask us to limit the processing of information about you. Read more about this at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

3.5. Protesting against the processing of personal data
If we process information about you on the basis of our duties or on the basis of an interest assessment, you are entitled to object to our processing of information about you. Read more about the right to protest at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

3.6. Data Portability
You ask us to transfer information about you to another controller. Read more about the right to data portability at the the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

3.7. Right to object
You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. We hope you will tell if you believe we do not comply with the rules of GDPR. You can do this by contacting us at

If you are not satisfied with the answer you receive from us, you can also complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Read about how to appeal to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

4. Analysis of website traffic and use of cookies
In order to improve our web pages, we use Piwik Pro to analyze the use of the website. When you visit, anonymous statistics are gathered about how you use the page. It is not possible for us to identify you through the information collected, the information is only used in aggregated form.

4.1. Cookies
Nkom describes a cookie as (...) a small text file that is downloaded and stored on the user's computer when the user opens a web page. The cookie is used, for example, to store login details, remember shopping carts in the online store or register where the user moves around the website (...). Read more about cookies here.

When you visit the website, we register some information about your visit with cookies. We use cookies to register how you use the website, including the transition to our application portal, and how you accessed our website. This information helps us to improve the websites so that the website can become easier to use, and to improve the ads we run so that they reach relevant target groups as best as possible. An example of our use of cookies is the compilation of statistics that provide answers to how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, which websites the users come from and which browsers are used.

Data from cookies will not be used to collect personal information about you. The information is processed in deidentified and aggregated form. Deidentified means that we can not trace the information we collect back to the individual user. The user's IP address is anonymised and processed at an aggregate level, i.e. all data is merged into a group and not processed individually.

In your browser settings, you can both turn off and delete cookies. Users will have a choice of accepting or rejecting cookies when they visit the website.

Here is an overview over which cookies we use:

Piwik Pro

We use Piwik Pro to analyze user behavior on our websites. The program collects information about, for example, which pages are most read, what visitors search for on and more. The information can not be traced back to you. We use the information to improve and further develop our website. Read more about the available cookies in this platform on the supplier's own website here.

Google Tag Manager

This is an analytics program that handles other tags and scripts. The information stored is not traceable back to you. It is used in continuous adjustments and adaptations so that we can make the experience on the best possible for our users.

Google Ads

Using Google Ads cookies, we measure whether those who click on the ads perform the desired actions.

Facebook, LinkedIn og Snapchat Pixel

On our website we use Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn Pixel. These are cookies that allow Facebook and LinkedIn to receive information about your visit to With this information, ads displayed to you on Facebook and LinkedIn as well as on content networks to Facebook and LinkedIn on the Internet are adapted. In accordance with the privacy policies of Facebook and LinkedIn, no information is collected or used to identify you as an individual. We use the information to improve and further develop our website, provide you with relevant and customized ads, and to analyze the effect of the ads we implement. All information collected will only be used for internal analysis purposes, and we do not share data with third parties. We never store information that could personally identify the user. You can reserve yourself against targeted Facebook ads here: Facebook cookies - Facebook Ad Preferences. You can opt for targeted LinkedIn ads here: Manage Your LinkedIn Ads Settings. Read more about Snapchat and privacy.

5. Email and contact form
If you send us an email or use the contact form on our web pages, your email address will be stored in our email system together with the message you sent. Further correspondence is stored and linked to the same email address.

We do not use the email for anything other than keeping the correspondence with you.

We use TLS encryption to secure our email communications, and if your email provider also supports this, the email will be encrypted end-to-end. All incoming and outgoing emails are checked for viruses and malware.

By using the contact form or sending us an email, you agree to save your email address with the corresponding correspondence.

6. Newsletter
The Norwegian Retailers Environmental Fund sends out newsletters to those who wish. The newsletter contains news, announcements, announcements and the like.

We do not use the contact information for anything other than sending you a newsletter.

You can subscribe to the list by clicking the "sign up for the newsletter" link at the bottom of the newsletter or by sending us an email to

By registering on our newsletter, you also agree that we process your contact information and send you newsletters.