Call for applications Circular plastics economy

Norwegian plastic use needs to move from primarily linear to circular value chains. Is your organisation able to get us closer to the target of a circular plastics economy? Apply for funding from the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund.

The announcement is primarily aimed at funding measures in Norway to create a circular plastics economy with lower emissions. Projects outside of Norway can apply, but they must demonstrate a significant transfer value for plastics value chains in Norway.We wish to support ambitious projects that contribute to changing Norwegian plastics value chains, in addition to demonstrating potential for scaling - preferably on an industrial level.

In this call we are announcing a total of 50 MNOK in funding.

We are looking for projects that:

  • Reduce plastics material through innovative design and/or increasing the longevity of products

  • Repair and reuse of products

  • New business models contributing to increased sharing and/or reuse of products and packaging

  • Replacing plastics with alternative materials

  • Increased use of recycled plastics

  • Technology development: tracking and tracing, sorting and recycling technologies

  • Closed loop recycling

Assessment criteria

The application will be assessed according to four assessment criteria, all of which are given equal weight:

  1. The quality of the project

    The quality of the proposed measures, activities and methods. To what extent the proposed work is ambitious and innovative, realistic and well-grounded in knowledge and experience.

  2. Environmental impact

    The potential to reduce the negative environmental effects of plastic in the short and long term. To what extent the project can deliver good solutions and results. Plans for the dissemination and sharing of results, knowledge and of the concrete solutions developed in the project.

  3. Implementation – project partners

    The quality of the project's organisation, management and resource utilisation. To what extent the project is well organised with the right expertise in the project group and of its

  4. Thematic priorities of the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund

    To what extent the project answers to the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund’s thematic priorities.

Who can apply?

  • Private and public enterprises registered in the Brønnøysund Register Centre or an equivalent international body (Your Company "Registration Number (CRN), business number or equivalent, to verify the existence of your organisation), such as industry, NGOs, foundations, research communities and non-profit or voluntary organisations, can apply.

  • The applicant is the project owner, and may include other companies as project partners. Allocated funds are paid to the project owner with whom the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund enters into a project agreement. This means that we only allocate funds to one recipient, who will then be responsible for further payment to any subcontractors and for implementation of the project in accordance with the application.

What is not eligible for funding?

  • Pure operations costs:
    • Development and testing of solutions and technology can be supported, but not the actual operation of the solution once it has been developed.
    • The handling of plastic in established waste and recycling streams.
  • Measures and activities that have already been implemented prior to the decision made for this application, will not be supported. See the section 'Important dates' for information on when you can be expected to be notified of the decision.

What are the application requirements?

  • The project must contribute in meeting the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund’s objective to contribute to reduced plastic usage and the development of a circular plastic economy.

  • Applicants must submit an electronic application in the project portal

  • The duration of the project must not exceed three years

  • Applicants must provide realistic budgets and specify how the funds will be used
    • Applicants must use the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund’s budget template, available in the application form

  • Applications must be written in Norwegian or English

  • Any concluding or already existing agreements with the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund have been complied with

  • At least 30% of the total project budget must be financed by means other than those that may be allocated from the Norwegian Retailers Environment Fund. You are, in a potential full application, required document compliance with the requirement of covering 30% other financing.

    Other financing can be your own funds in the form of your own hours or money, or it could be in the form of external financing sources such as private investors, public support schemes, or allocations through Innovation Norway, Sparebankstiftelsen etc. It is not a requirement, but will be considered positive if the applicant contributes with their own funds rather than only external funds.

  • If at least one of the points below applies to the project, the application form requires the applicant to answer additional questions:

Application process

  1. Assessment of one-pager

    The one-pager will be assessed by the administration of the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund. The applicant receives feedback when the administrative decision has been made, either with a rejection or an invitation to send an application through the project portal.

  2. Assessment of full application

    The application submitted in the portal will be assessed by the administration of the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund and selected external experts. The experts are chosen specifically for the application in question. The experts have signed a declaration of impartiality and secrecy.

  3. Application processing

    Application processing varies somewhat according to the application amount*.

  4. Decision

    The final decision is taken in accordance with the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Funds authorization matrix.

*Application processing for different application sums

  • For applications up to and including NOK 500,000: the application is processed in the administration (an expert can be involved if the administration considers it necessary).

  • For applications over NOK 500,000, up to and including NOK 1 million: at least one expert must be involved in the application processing.

  • For applications over NOK 1 million, at least two external experts must be involved in the application processing.

What is required of you as a grant recipient?


  • You will be asked to submit a short status report before each project payment.

  • If the project lasts for several years, an annual results report must be submitted annually.

  • All recipients must submit a final results report after the end of the project.

  • Reporting takes place digitally, and the grant recipient will be made aware of the requirements for reporting at the start-up meeting.

Accounting and auditing requirements

  • A financial statement for the entire project period shall be prepared as part of the final reporting for all projects regardless of the amount allocated.

  • For allocations over NOK 250,000 up to and including 1 million kroner (NOK) an auditor must check the project accounts by issuing a statement in accordance with ISRS 4400 Engagements to Perform Agreed-Upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information.

  • For allocations over 1 million kroner (NOK) the auditor must perform an audit of the project accounts for the entire project period in accordance with ISA 805.

    Costs related to the use of an external auditor are incurred by the project and must be budgeted for.

    These requirements and others will be presented at the start-up meeting, for funded projects.


Funding from the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund can be used as own funding in connection with applications submitted to other funding schemes.

The grant includes any taxes, including value added tax (VAT). The grant is awarded as a gift.

Although the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund considers that the allocations awarded as gifts are not normally subject to VAT, it is the service provider (i.e. the recipient) who is responsible for complying with the VAT regulations. The recipient must assess this on an independent basis. The Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund cannot be invoiced or otherwise charged for additional costs in cases where the recipient of funds has misinterpreted the VAT regulations in their application for support.

The applicant must clarify with its own auditor whether an allocation will be subject to VAT or not.

The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund observes a strict declaration of impartiality and secrecy. Note that the information in the application may be shared confidentially with other financing actors (such as the Norwegian Centre against Marine Litter and Sparebankstiftelsen) in connection with application processing where this is relevant. This is to ensure good and effective reviews, as well as good use of funds.

Important dates

  • June 1st: Launch of the call for projects and application form

  • September 1st, 23.59 pm (CEST): Deadline for prequalification applications

  • September 25th: Successful applicants are invited to write a full application

  • October 13th 23.59 pm (CEST): Deadline full application

  • All applications will receive a response early December

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